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Emergency Garage Door Services

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We’re There For Your Worst-Case Scenarios 

Need an essential service in a pinch? Are you looking at a major garage door emergency without the vision of a trained, certified professional? What emergency garage door service means to us is any predicament that poses a safety or convenience risk for your employees or family members. Plan for any worst-case scenario, and have Vision Overhead Doors on speed dial! 

Don’t worry, we’re right down the road from your emergency situation, so enlist our professionals for emergency garage door services near Vernon, BC. Depending on the time you call, you’re eligible to receive our same-day service. Let our experienced repairmen be the ones you call, whether it’s an emergency or you want same-day service, we’re the vision for a restored garage door!

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When To Call Our Professionals For Emergency Garage Door Service

We highly advise you to contact our certified and licensed garage door professionals as soon as an accident occurs or you find that your garage door poses a safety risk for your home or business. Even just an unresponsive door poses an issue that needs solving! Please call us right away if any of your garage door components break off or break down. The following emergency garage door situations include, but are not limited to:

Emergency Garage Door Panel Replacement

We can travel to your home or business when your broken garage door is left vulnerable against Canada’s unforgiving weather, wildlife, or other unwanted guests. The best case scenario is if severe damage to the garage is confined to one section. A broken panel located at the base is ideal for simple replacement but should be repaired quickly. We can conduct emergency garage door panel replacement to seamlessly restore the exterior.

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Emergency Off-Track Garage Door Repair

In the event of a driveway accident, your garage door often acts as a wall of defense. The significant impact will cause your garage door to be slanted or force your door completely off the track. Contact Vision Overhead Doors immediately when your garage door threatens to fall. An out-of-track garage door could collapse at any moment, so please keep yourself and any vehicles or other objects away until we arrive.

Emergency Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken garage door springs perhaps pose the greatest safety hazard since they’re in charge of lifting your door through their wound-up tension. With extreme tension inside their coils, garage door springs are subject to pop, snap, and break over time. Stay clear of the area, and contact us for emergency garage door spring replacement.

Emergency Garage Door Opener Service

Sometimes, we get calls about a rogue garage door opener, and a few simple DIY hacks can fix it so your garage door can at least be closed and locked through the night. If you have an unresponsive garage door opener, and your door refuses to close, allow us to dispatch emergency garage door opener service for you right away.

Is Your Emergency Beyond Repair?

If your driveway accident is far more severe than one damaged panel, or your garage door has served its expected lifespan, then it’s time for a new garage door replacement. Emergency garage door replacement will take longer to complete versus a repair, but you will be on our books to resolve as soon as possible. 

We have the vision for your home or commercial overhead door for it to fit exquisitely with our attention to detail and state-of-the-art craftsmanship, given your budget and preferences. Check out our Projects and garage door installation for our highlights and processes. Contact us right away so we can get you a new garage door!

Emergency Replacement Parts Are Ready To Go!

Serving the North Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, Vision Overhead Doors is there to install, replace, and maintain the largest door to your home. Call us for our convenient emergency garage door service. With our 20-plus years of experience, we have everything you need for emergency repair or replacement. 

Our Vision trucks are stocked and ready to go for a quick and hassle-free replacement for your opener, springs, panels, and more! With our high-quality materials and experience with garage door repairs, your emergency garage door service will be handled with ease. Contact us now for one of our professionals to be on their way!

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