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For the past 15 years, Vision Overhead Doors has established quality garage door service in Vernon, BC. While we’ve grown to also service the same unmatched quality in Vernon’s surrounding areas, we have to thank our customers. Repeat business and trust from our friends and families and their young families and professionals mean the world to us here at Vision Overhead Doors.  

Our family-owned and operated garage door repair and installation company is best known for the quality of people we help and for the quality of service.

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garage door service Vernon, BC

Local families and professionals require a garage door revampment if their current one is not rightfully serving them. Our industry experts have everything you need for quality garage door service in Vernon, BC. Allow us to keep your garage door functional with a style or mechanical revampment. Whatever you need for your garage door, let us come to you!

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Whether it’s installing commercial garage doors, replacing garage door openers, or helping complete a new home with residential garage door installation, our signature starts with our products. 

Great quality garage door service starts with the products and materials we work with. Thus, throughout our many years of experience, we gained some door and opener favorites! Visit our Garage Doors, Openers, and Commercial Doors page to learn more about the specific brands we love working with!

No matter your vision for a new garage door installation in Vernon, BC, we have the resources to supply the best products and install them with excellence. Give us a call to set up your free new door consultation today!

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Our garage door technicians practice the utmost professionalism by explaining the needed garage door service to the client, and performing every service promptly and efficiently. From the moment you call our office in Vernon, BC to the moment we’re leaving your driveway, we can assure you the best local garage door service from Vision Overhead Doors!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some early signs that my garage door needs replacement?

There are some dead giveaways when your garage door in Vernon, BC needs replacement, but there are also some lesser-known signs that your garage door needs to be replaced. There can be several aesthetic or mechanical damages to your garage door system such as:

– Your garage door has unreliable opening and closing. 
– You find that your garage door requires frequent repairs. 
– Your door makes loud shaking or grinding noises during operation. 
– An increase in your energy bill without any lifestyle changes. 
– Your garage door is 15 – 20 years old
– Your garage door is sagging. 
– Your garage door opens slowly.

Can you color-match my new garage door to my home? 

Of course! If you’re looking to blend your garage door seamlessly, we can help you color-match, plan out your new garage door style and material, and so much more! Upon our thorough inspection, there is equal opportunity for your home or business to receive the best looking garage door near Vernon, BC. We’re here to help you through any process you choose for your garage door, so contact us today to get started!

Do I have to be at home for my garage door service in Vernon, BC?

You don’t have to be home, but the garage door service technician needs to have access to the full garage in order to reach the garage door tracks, and clearance in front of the garage door. We will notify you when we are on the way to your Vernon, BC home, so you can be prepared for your garage door service.

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