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5 Signs You Need to Schedule Garage Door Repair

For most homeowners, using the garage door to enter the house is more common than using the front door. That’s why having a properly functioning garage door is vital for daily convenience. Over time and with frequent use, your overhead door may require garage door repairs to maintain its best functionality.

However, delaying professional garage door inspections and maintenance until your hardware or parts break can result in costly and inconvenient emergency repairs or replacements. We always recommend addressing garage door repairs promptly to avoid such situations. 

Not sure how to tell if there’s any issue with your garage door? Here are the five most common garage door repairs to look out for!

5 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

Difficulty Opening and Closing the Door 

If you try to operate your garage door using the wall panel or remote control and it doesn’t work, that is the first sign of an issue. It could be a simple one like the door being accidentally locked or the disconnect switch being turned on. On the other hand, it could also be a more serious problem, such as a faulty connection between the control panel and the door, the door being off its tracks, or photo-eye sensors that are not aligned.

Unusual Noises During Garage Door Operation 

As your garage door operates, it’s important to pay attention to unusual noises like grinding (poorly lubricated parts), rattling (loose chain or rails), or squealing (off-balance garage door). These could indicate a major problem that could lead to broken parts and a garage door emergency. 

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Slow Response Time to Remote or Keypad

When you press your garage door remote or keypad, does the door take more than one or two seconds to respond? It shouldn’t! If your garage door takes more than a few seconds to respond, it could indicate something wrong with your garage door system. A few common problems include broken opener cords, corroded pulleys, bad rollers, or worn remote control circuitry. 

Sagging Garage Door Panels

If your garage door hangs down lower than it should when you open it, it’s sagging. In some cases, sagging occurs when a garage door is old and has warped. In such instances, the only solution is to upgrade your door. Your garage door may also sag if it is unbalanced from loose parts or a broken spring. In this case, you need a professional to perform a door balance test and ensure your overhead door is properly balanced and tightened. 

Outdated or Malfunctioning Safety Features

Your garage door is equipped with vital safety features such as sensors that prevent the heavy door from harming anyone. These sensors are installed on both sides of the door opening and are designed to automatically reverse the door’s motion when sensing an object in its path. However, if these sensors become dirty, misaligned, or outdated, they may fail to function properly.

Call a Professional, Don’t Attempt DIY Repairs

When it comes to problems with your garage door, it’s crucial to seek professional help rather than trying to fix it on your own. Garage doors are very heavy, weighing hundreds of pounds, and can come down with enough force to cause serious injury. Technicians are trained to handle these heavy doors with care, but most homeowners are not. Attempting DIY repairs could result in even more serious issues or even cause harm to you or a family member.

That’s why local garage door companies like Vision Overhead Doors are ready to quickly serve you with garage door repair in the Okanagan Valley. We offer same-day service and competitive pricing to ensure a quality repair for all garage door issues you’re experiencing. So don’t wait around! Contact us to schedule fast garage door repair near you today!

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